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Owner: Bill Bennett
Phone: 205-919-2022
​The Home Energy Audit

You would not dream of going through a cold damp winter or the hot, humid summer season with a window in your house open. If you did, it is easy to understand the effect it would have on your level of comfort and your utility bills! Yet it is true that in many homes, the leakage of outside air is so severe it is equivalent to having a window wide open.
​Our Home Energy Audit includes:
  • Initial interview to determine the homeowner’s major concerns and possible problem areas
  • Visual inspection of outside of home checking for potential problem areas
  • Inspection and testing of all combustion appliances
  • Measuring the home’s level of air leakage
  • Inspection of windows and doors, attic insulation, duct system and lighting and appliances
  • Comprehensive report describing your home’s current condition with suggestions of steps to take to improve the home’s energy efficiency
  • Follow up to insure any improvements are don’t right, retesting if necessary

Duct Blaster Test
Blower Door Setup
Infrared Camera image showing missing insulation and water damage