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Phone: 205-919-2022
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Better Home Diagnostics, LLC is certified to perform:

 Duct System Testing
Blower Door Tests

Alabama's latest state wide energy code went into effect October, 2016, duct testing and blower door testing will be required on all new construction. Better Home Diagnostics is certified to do both blower door and duct system testing. Call 205-919-2022 or send me an email to schedule your test. I will need the property address and if available, the square footage of the home.  You can download a copy of the 2009 Residential Energy Code Field Guide HERE.

With the adoption of this new energy code and the required diagnostic testing, it makes sense to go one step further and have your homes HERS Rated. The additional cost is negligible and a good (low) HERS Rating is an excellent selling point. A HERS Rating proves to the buyer that your homes are well built and economical to operate.  

Plus, there is excellent promotional material available from RESNET explaining a HERS Rating and what it means for the home owner. To learn more, click HERE.

Nationally, almost 50% of new homes are already being HERS Rated. Someday soon, someone in this market will start using a HERS Rating to help market their homes by distinguishing them from the competition. Might that person be you? If you want to learn more, I'd be glad to meet with you to discuss how you can profit from having your homes HERS Rated.