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Phone: 205-919-2022
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Do you want to be more comfortable in your home?  Tired of paying high utility bills each month?   I can help. 

It is important to note that unlike others who offer home energy audits, I am not selling windows, insulation or a new furnace. You can be confident that our audits accurately reflect the energy efficiency of your home. However, should an audit identify the need for upgrades, we will be glad to suggest a contractor from our list of trusted contacts and follow up to insure the job is done right.

Each home energy audit from Better Home Diagnostics includes a comprehensive report specific to your home with recommendations on how you can get the most improvement for the least cost. Too often, homeowners are lead to believe that in order for their home to be more comfortable and energy efficient they must undertake major and expensive renovations. This is usually not the case. In fact, the most cost effective improvements are often simple tasks that can be completed by the home owner. 

I invite you to give me a call or send an email to I look forward to hearing from you and working to curb the high cost of utility bills for your home